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Fund Administration

Onboarding & Client Support

  • Fund launch and onboarding support
  • Assistance on fund establishment
  • Provision of service agreements
  • Fund documentation review
  • Bank and custodian accounts opening
  • Establishment of post-launch operational flows
  • General advice on fund structuring
  • General advice on regulatory compliance
  • Referrals of, and liaison with different working parties of your funds
  • (including legal counsel, tax advisers, auditors, bankers, prime brokers and brokers, etc.)

Portfolio Accounting and Net Asset Valuations

  • Shadow accounting / security pricing and valuation
  • Intra-month P&L estimation
  • Performance reporting to investors
  • Fees calculations and settlements
  • Accounting for capital transactions
  • Assisting audit process

Trade Support

  • Independent trade and cash reconciliations
  • Three-way confirmation & discrepancies resolutions with manager/PBs/brokers/counterparties
  • Processing and trade support for a diverse range of securities types
  • (including equities, futures, CDS, swaps, options, rates, mortgage and FX products, bank debts, private equities, etc.)
  • Security master maintenance
  • Corporate action management

Fund Type

  • Nature of Funds
    • ✓ Hedge Funds
    • ✓ Funds of Funds
    • ✓ Private Equity / Direct Investment Funds
    • ✓ Traditional Long-Only Funds
    • ✓ Managed Accounts
    • ✓ Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Types of Legal Structures
    • ✓ Corporate Funds
    • ✓ Unit Trusts / Umbrella Trusts
    • ✓ Partnerships
    • ✓ Limited Liability Companies
    • ✓ Master/feeder Structures
    • ✓ Parallel Funds

  • Nature of Funds
    • ✓ Equities Long/Short Funds
    • ✓ Fixed Income Funds
    • ✓ Managed Futures Funds
    • ✓ Money Market Funds
    • ✓ Global Macro Funds
    • ✓ FX Overlay

Ancillary Services

  • Investor services including anti-money laundering compliance checks
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Collateral monitoring and management
  • Tax reporting assistance

Regulatory Reporting Services

  • Look-through reporting compiled from position level information
  • Basel compliant credit and interest rate risk reports

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Value-added Services

  • Advice on operational suitability of different fund structures
  • Client alerts on contemporary regulatory issues (AML, FATCA, CFTC, AIFMD, etc. )
  • Recommendations and referrals of best suited legal counsel, fiduciaries, auditors, compliance consultants and IT vendors at request of clients
  • Capital introduction to star managers