MILLENNIUM FUND SERVICESA professional and experienced fund administrator

Millennium is an independent fund services company providing a full range of administration services Read More


Service Quality

  • Experienced professionals with substantial experience in the fund administration industry
  • Strong team with long-term working relationship sharing the same business vision
  • Proven records of staff quality and experience

Strong Financial Backing

  • Unlimited and unconstrained financial support from management and owners
  • Long-term commitment in the industry providing a stable business platform free from disturbance and distraction caused by corporate M&A events

Niche Player

  • Top priority given to Asian (Hong Kong/Greater China/Singapore/Japan) clientele
  • Tailored service aimed at providing bespoke solutions
  • Low client-to-staff ratio giving each client full attention

Client Focused

  • Tailored made solutions to clients
  • Hand-holding guidance to start-up managers
  • Client focused ・senior management’s involvement in the day-to-day administration of each fund.

Added Values

  • Assist clients in cherry picking other service providers
    • Excellent standing working relationships with a wide array of offshore and onshore legal advisers, fiduciaries, auditors, compliance consultants and IT vendors accumulated over many years of industry experience-capable of giving advice, recommendations and referrals of most value-for-money service providers best suited to each individual client, thus resulting in cost and time savings
  • IT Solutions
    • Employment of high-end PAXUS system and advanced IT solutions capable of developing new and enhanced functionalities according to specific client needs
  • Capital introduction
    • Access to substantial asset allocators / capital providers / incubation seeding platform providing an extra opportunity for clients' marketing initiatives


  • Institutionalized corporate culture and work processes
  • Hiring of top tier professional staff well-equipped with highest ethical standards by training and by individual professional licensing requirements
  • Completely independent management with full autonomy on business strategies and day-to-day operations
  • Compliance policies, procedures and training vetted by an external compliance consultancy firm
  • Requirement to provide regular assurance on effective compliance adherence to its HKSFC and S. Korea FSS regulated group entity
  • Full understanding of the meaning of Chinese wall and its implications on business reputation developed over the long business history